Capitola Bait Balls and Birds

The influx of anchovies and bait fish continues in the Monterey Bay, with bait balls of fish pushing up against the coast of Santa Cruz county. The waters off of Capitola, California have seen feeding frenzies on an almost daily basis for many weeks.

Viewed from Cliff Drive, the visible dark patches in the water are schools of anchovies, or bait balls as they are known as.
Capitola Bait Balls

A small bait ball, though probably hundreds of thousands of anchovies, right off of the Capitola Beach.
Capitola Beach Bait Ball

Looking down from the Capitola Wharf at the edge of a school of anchovies, you can see the individual fish that make up the bait ball.
Edge of Bait Ball

Looking towards New Brighton State beach and Pot Belly beach, large flocks of marine birds feast on anchovies.
Capitola Pot Belly Birds

A flock of seagulls take flight from Capitola Beach, partially obscuring the Capitol Wharf.
Capitola Wharf and a Flock of Seagulls
All images captured November 23, 2013


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