A Classic Santa Cruz Sunset

These sunset photos were all taken one evening at Lighthouse Point and Its Beach during a classic Santa Cruz sunset. This evening was the latest in what had been an epic run of great sunsets in October, Santa Cruz’s sunset season.

Its Beach Sunset Dogs
Its Beach, or Dog Beach, in Santa Cruz at sunset

SUP at Sunset from Its Beach
A stand up paddle boarder plays in the waves at It beach during sunset. Notice the mini surfer directly left of the paddle boarder? I didn’t see it until I was home reviewing my photos, it really is a mini surfer dude! I assume he’s some remote-controlled toy, but was shocked and confused when he appeared in my photos.

Sunset Crowd
A crowd gathers at Lighthouse point to catch the greatest show in town, a classic Santa Cruz sunset.

A Splash of a Sunset
Taken from the end of Lighthouse point, I used a flash to capture the splash of a wave while admiring the awesome sunset.

SUP at Sunset
A stand up paddle boarder off of Its Beach during sunset.

SUP at Sunset 2
A wide view of a classic Santa Cruz sunset taken from Lighthouse point.


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